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When a couple comes to an agreement when their marriage is dissolved, it is called a Martial Settlement Agreement. An agreement between a couple who are still married and want to outline their legal responsibilities to one another, but are not living together, is called a Separation Agreement. Both of these agreements help a couple to have an agreement as to what their financial future is and what their responsibilities towards their children are. In order to ensure that these agreements are handled with the utmost care, you should contact divorce attorney, Martin Osinski.

Even when both spouses have approved of the Martial Settlement Agreement, the agreement will still need to be reviewed and approved by the Domestic Relations Court in order for it to be valid. There will also need to be approval within the agreement for sections pertaining to child custody and child support. After the Marital Settlement Agreement is approved by the court, it combines with the Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage. If either spouse violates a section of the agreement, the other spouse may file a petition in order to enforce the judgment.

A Separation Agreement may be presented to the court in order to be approved, and after it is approved, it will become a part of the Judgment of Legal Separation. Separation Agreements are different than Marital Settlement Agreements in that they may be a private document between the couple that does not necessarily require court approval. However, if either spouse violates the agreement, the other spouse will need to go to court and sue for a breach of contract.

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