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Chicago, Illinois Divorce Lawyer – Premarital & Post Nuptial Agreements

A Premarital Agreement, or Prenuptial Agreement, is a contract that a couple is legally bound to, that is entered into before getting married, and it outlines details about what will happen if the marriage ends, either by dissolution of death. Postnuptial Agreements are entered into by a couple after they get married if they would like to specifically outline how any assets would be divided if the marriage ended, either by dissolution or death.

Premarital Agreements in many cases, are utilized in order to protect the financial interests of one spouse who may have more wealth or assets than the other spouse. Both a pre and post marital agreement can also be important to protect any family-owned interests, which can include an inheritance or a family business.

In order to protect a pre-martial agreement that has been drafted correctly, Illinois in 1990 adopted the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act. For the majority of cases, the court will enforce a pre-marital agreement. Attorney Martin Osinski, can help you significantly by drafting a pre or post marital agreement in order to reduce any financial distress that a divorce can cause.

A pre or post marital agreement can be very important and you need experienced attorney, Martin Osinski, who understands how to protect your assets.

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